Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Snipping Windows 8

Learning snippily

Today I posed a question on Twitter asking how to take a screenshot in Windows 8. I was specifically looking to take screen shots of the tiles on my non touch laptop. The only suggestion was the Snipping Tool and while this is easy enough in the Desktop side it was on the Tiles/Apps side that I was having difficulty.

The solution is actually in the Help Menu but it is a more complicated process than using the Snipping tool on the Desktop side. 
Find the Snipping Tool through Search and pin it to the Start Menu and/or the taskbar on the Desktop side for easy access.
Open it, Alt Tab to required screen of Apps then Ctrl PrtSc to make it appear on the Apps side.
This is the same method one would use to get a clipping of a Drop down menu in any program.

Now I'm searching for a tool like Awesome Screenshot that works with Windows 8 so that I can annotate the images without having to use a two step process. Any suggestions?

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