Sunday, 4 November 2018

How to use Google sites for Family History

Family site

Create a family site in the free Google sites

Have you been adding family stories to your blog? A blog is a great platform for sharing those stories and making cousin connections. 

A blog displays posts in reverse date sequential order so that the latest post appears first. One needs perform a search or use the tags or categories provided to find all the stories about one person or one family. The stories found will still be displayed in the reverse date order of their publication. 

Perhaps you have established separate pages for each family and published links to the blog posts about that family there. Have you found new photos and documents about a family and updated an older post? Even when updated the original publication date of the post remains so the new information may be lost in your archive of posts unless you republish that post.

Enter new Google Sites

This free platform gives you control over the order and display of your information. 
Some ideas why you might want a free Google site or several free Google sites.
  • Aggregate all the information about one family
  • Sites can be public or privately shared
  • Easily add and share information housed in your Google Drive
  • Upload pictures and easily move, reorder the layout on any page
  • Share datasheets for viewing or editing by family members
  • Add forms to gather data
  • Embed streams from your social media
  • ***Free and simple to create***
There are many other reasons you may want a website of your own. 
Here's one I made to help you get started. Family Site: How to create one in free Google Sites.

Do take a look and let me know what you think.

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Fresh start rename

Time passes and interests change.

When I started blogging here in 2009 I was working as a teacher librarian in a large school library so my focus was on library related matters and assisting students and teachers in their learning endeavours. Library Currants - Small, not always current, but fruity observations judiciously mixed with learning was an appropriate focus for the time.

In retirement my focus has shifted to assisting seniors adapt to technology along with more personal interests in family history and sharing new experiences. So Library Currants has morphed into Carmel's Corner, with a new address to accompany the name change. I was spurred on to this change by a post from Dick Eastman: Get a facelift: why you want your own domain name

A visit to NameCheap, a payment of less than $10, a few tweaks following their excellent instructions for using the domain name with Blogger  and within about 30 minutes the change was made.

Welcome to my refreshed, renamed corner on the web. 

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Is it mobile friendly?

Have you checked your blog?

In response to Jill Ball's post A  Blog Reader’s Plea here are two, less than 30 second videos, demonstrating how to check whether your blog is mobile friendly.

These videos were made with Quik, a free, very easy to use video editor available for ipad, iphone and Android. Add videos, photos or screenshots to make a video. Choose from the music which comes with the app. Titles and captions can be added where needed. Save and share to a variety of platforms.



Have you tried an easy video editor to share family photos?

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