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Apps for Family History tasks

Most Tuesdays at 7 pm AEST I join this twitter chat, tonight's version as you see above is about Apps for Family History Tasks. Now this topic is so wide that a 60 minute chat may barely scratch the surface, so let us look at some terminology.


When mobile devices first appeared on the scene the word app was used to describe a small program that could be installed on your device whether that was a smart phone or a tablet. In more common usage nowadays an app can be any small computer program usually on a mobile device but now used on computers too, often described as web apps. Has the word app reverted to its origin - application, in the sense of meaning any computer program, or do you still think of it in terms of mobile devices?

Family History Tasks

These are many and varied but may come under these general headings
  • Searching for information
  • Evaluating information
  • Recording the information
  • Communicating
  • Preserving information

General notes

Some apps can be used to achieve all of the above tasks to various degrees. These include the large online genealogy companies  - Ancestry MyHeritage, FindmyPast and FamilySearch all of which have web and mobile apps. One can search for relatives, evaluate the information found, record it and share it with others. So I'll leave those aside for now. 

If you are using a family history database on your computer check the app stores to see if it has a mobile app. 

Next the Google suite of products - Chrome for using and tracking Google web searches, Keep for notetaking and OCR from images, Sheets for evaluating and filtering information, Docs for writing up family stories and extracting OCR from PDFs, Slides for presenting stories, Gmail and Meet for communication, Photos for storing and sharing, Calendar to keep track of upcoming events, Blogger for publishing findings and stories, Maps for viewing ancestors' locations, Earth for creating story maps. YouTube private channel for sharing video.  All mobile and web.

Microsoft has an equal array of products and mobile apps, some with a higher price tag. 

A Limited List of Apps for Family Historians (m = mobile d = desktop w = web)

  • Evernote  m,d,w
  • OneNote - m, w
  • Voice recorder
  • Billion Graves - searching and recording m, w
  • FindaGrave - searching and recording m,w
Photos and presentation
  • Pixlr  - editing, family collages m, w
  • PhotoMapo iOS only, place family photos and text on maps
  • Canva - blog and twitter
Made in Photo Mapo

  • Microsoft Office Lens m
  • Adobe Scan m
  • CamScanner m
  • Feedly - keeping up to date with genealogy world via blogs and sites
  • LibraryThing - for keeping track of  relevant titles m,w
  • Adobe Digital Editions - reading epubs m, d
  • Facebook m, w
  • Twitter m, w
  • Instagram m, w,
  • Pinterest m, w
  • Viber - free phone, text and media to family m, d
  • WhatsApp - free phone, text and media to family m, d
Preserving and Sharing Information
  • Dropbox m, w
  • Box m, w
  • PixStori - add voice to a photo, share/send as mp4  mobile iOS or  web  http://www.pixstori.com/  these can be downloaded.  
  • The same effect without the branding can be created with PowerPoint or Keynote (recent versions) record with just one or two photos and export as video. Here's one created with a single photo using Keynote on iPad.

A couple of late additions
  • UMark Photo Lite - for adding Watermarks to photos m,w
  • Wolfram Alpha - computational search e.g. dates and times m,w
Do you use any other interesting apps for family history tasks?

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Friday, 30 April 2021

Zeroing in - AJCP

Zephyr and Zenith

Reference to the murder of the crew of the Zephyr  is found in the Colonial Office records.
Offices: Admiralty, 1875 (File 7. AJCP Reel No: 2207  
Subjects include: Blackbirding; kidnapping; labour traffic; measles; HMS Dido; Reservation of site for Naval service; attack on HMS Pearl; Plantations visited by and attacks on HMS Sandfly; theft by crew of Jessie Kelly (ship); murder of crews of Zephyr and Lalia; HMS Rosario; criminal acts of William Henry 'Bully' Hayes of the Leonora (brig).

Zenith appears in a report written to the Royal Astronomical Society.

Zeroing in on Rowland Childers

The papers of the Childers family leave me wondering if Rowland Childers was sent away as a son needing to make his own way in the world. He arrived in South Australia on the Garonne in September 1878 and his extensive letters home to his father start a day after his arrival.
However, after a trip to Melbourne there is a 1879 claim for a bill he had not paid sent to his father, even though in the letters he mentions the 200 pounds per year allowance his father has provided.

Dec 2nd 1879
For: Rt Hon H Childers
Agent Generals Office
I have taken the liberty of sending you the 
enclosed a/c and ask you to hand it to the gentleman who
obtained the goods from me if he is in London.
He was staying at the Melbourne Club and I was given
to understand that he was your son. He left Melbourne
shortly after getting the articles charged to him and I
have not been able to trace him since.
........D Carson
In 1878 his father writes to give his son one more chance and refers to some profligacy at Oxford presumably before his departure. His father threatens to warn his friends in the colonies about his son's irresponsible behaviour and says he will not honour his bills if the irresponsible behaviour continues.

One hopes Rowland reformed his ways, there are plenty of letters to read about his life in Australia. In this 1880 one below to his cousin Emily, he expresses regret.


"As I have told you in the multiplicity of my indebtedness
I overlooked some when I left home
which is much to be regretted. God 
knows I am trying to live cheaply now
and I shudder to think of
the money that was not mine which
I chucked in the gutter"

If you research family history I hope this series has helped you to zoom in or zero in to some of your families' ancestors. 
Why did your ancestors arrive in the lands downunder?

Wishing you research success within the AJCP. Thanks to all those who have visited and commented along the way. 

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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Yesteryears felons in York - AJCP

York City Archives

Those who have been following this series will know that Calendars of Prisoners regularly appear in many of the English County Archives and York City Archives is no exception.

Calendar of prisoners in the House of Correction 1828 -1843 - 300 pages
Calendar of prisoners in the House of Correction 1843 -1853 - 272 pages
Details of felons, some sentences written in, details of transportees

If you had family names of Garbett or Thomson and an ancestor was an archbishop you may find interesting records in the York Minster Library.

Yes, a York search does reveal gems like this cover of Timetable of the tour of the Duke of Cornwall and York for their train trip in NSW in May1901

Then there's 
  • New York
  • Archbishop of York
  • York Products Pty. Ltd.
  • 35 York Place
  • Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
  • York Agricultural Society
  • Solicitors of York
  • York Castle Yorkshire
All these will be found with a simple York search from the AJCP portal page.  
Other Ys Young, youth, Yonge

Yes, your turn now. Y not try!

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