Wednesday 26 January 2022

Geneary and eleven others

What shall I do?

Much has been written about establishing goals in whatever field of endeavour that interests one. If you are stuck for ideas here's a genealogy slant on the months of 2022. After all, one wants to have fun!


This month is nearly gone today being the 26th. I've done some web editing for the local society, attended planning meetings, prepared a display, updated an index, edited some entries in our library catalogue and purchased a new laptop for the local group. We are all weary of the ongoing Covid pandemic but a successful volunteers' morning for our group brought us together with hopes for a better year.


A blog post is planned with obituaries found in Trove relevant to my families' stories. 


Perhaps I'll look at the variety of charts available through the genealogy software packages. Keep these in mind for family gifts.


Time to revisit all those apps on my devices, tablet, phone and computer. Do I really need 4 notetaking programs, 5 genealogy programs and 3 cloud services? I'm sure there are more than those, it will take time to review their uses.


Oh, this is an easy one, there are so many things I may do! What about finishing digitising the photos or compiling those blog posts into some order for publication. I may do it.


What's in the bottom of that cupboard and those drawers? Is it time to discard rarely used resources purchased in the fresh flush of genealogy endeavours?


More than halfway through the year it will be time to celebrate all that has been achieved.


Time to get back to Wikitree and add ancestors' profiles, sources and biographies. Could be a month to improve the entries on FindaGrave as well.


Perhaps break up those stories into separate families for ease of reading


Extend the previous months' activities into this one, sure to get something done!


Not time to move over yet, but a rollover of tasks not previously done. Oh dear, this is getting repetitive.


Time to tell one and all about the wonderful achievements throughout the year. 
Cheers to a successful genealogy year.

Now what was it that I came to the computer to do?

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