Saturday 27 May 2023

Charming buildings in North Queensland

During the past two weeks, we enjoyed a driving vacation up north. We were once again delighted by the breathtaking views along the coast and through mountainous regions. There were many fascinating places to explore. Additionally, we were captivated by the old hotels in Queensland that were constructed many years ago. I captured some of these on my phone.

These hotels used to accommodate a wide range of people. They were once a home away from home for travelling salesmen. They catered to prospectors who were on their way to the prosperous mineral fields of central Queensland, and individuals who visited towns with the intention of spending their hard-earned money.

Some of these hotels have been lovingly preserved, with the ornamental iron railings restored and painted. Others have endured the effects of time and weather. As mining booms came and went, populations dwindled, and storms wreaked havoc, some hotels suffered the consequences.

Here's a selection from some towns of North Queensland.

Royal Private Hotel, Charters Towers
built by Ben Toll in 1888 for former miner William Romberg

Commercial Hotel, Clermont
This building was moved to its present location after a flood in 1916

Molly Malone’s, Townsville (est. 1863)
originally Tattersalls Hotel

Yungaburra Hotel, Yungaburra 
2nd largest timber hotel in the southern hemisphere opened in 1910

Exchange Hotel, Mossman
built for Irish publicans Dennis and Teresa O’Brien in 1896

Crown Hotel, Innisfail

Malpass Hotel, Home Hill
Opened October 1924, named after its owner Joseph Malpass

Grand View Hotel, Bowen (est. 1864)

The queen of them all in Rockhampton
Heritage Hotel, Rockhampton (originally Commercial Hotel)
Built 1898 - History

And a last one along the highway that amused us. Yes, that is a crocodile lurking above the entrance but thankfully not a live one!
Koumala Hotel, Koumala
1939 - Koumala: Where's that?

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