Friday 21 June 2013

Gmail and images

Image size in Gmail

 Modern cameras and phones are capable of producing high resolution images which result in large file sizes. Images attached to gmail retain their original size. Whilst gmail generously allow attachments up to 5 mb this is a burden for the both the sender and receiver and can quickly use up one's allocated storage quota.

Inserting images into the body of the message instead of sending an image as an attachment, provides a quick method for reducing the image size.

1. Click the "Compose Mail" button or reply.
2. Locate the image you want to include from your computer. 
3. Drag the image and drop it into the body of your Gmail message window. You must add the image to the message body; if you use attach file, you will not be able to reduce the image size.
4. Click the image in the email message body to select it. Underneath the image you get to choose small, medium, large or original.
Now where was that huge image I needed to send?

Monday 10 June 2013

eMagazines - Borrow or buy?

Borrow or buy?

Subscription models for emagazines range from the confusing to the simply outrageous which double up the price from the print subscription. Some magazines offer the digital version of their product free when the print version is purchased, others offer stand alone apps with a wide variety of models in between. Some subscriptions open in apps, some in web browsers. A search for emagazines reveals a wealth of sites offering to publish your work as a magazine but also points to agencies for online subscriptions which are often subscription options for print versions of magazines.

When our local library recently supplied access to more than 360 magazines through Zinio I was keen to explore this new option. Could this supply the ideal option? The sign up process requires both a library card and a Zinio account. Zinio provides a generic guide to guide users through this process.


Free access to hundreds of magazines - read those not usually available in your local store.


Current version of magazines only available - no back copies
Saving articles limited to screenshots
Favourite magazines may not be available

These alternative instructions may help Sunshine Coast library users

1. Click on the Zinio link
2. Choose Create Account
3. Enter your library card number and validate.
Now you will need to set up a free Zinio account by entering your email address and a password.
Follow the link in the welcome email you receive. You are now ready to start browsing. Choose a magazine and a new tab in the browser will open which will contain your reading list.

You can return to the other tab to add more magazines.
a. Start reading in the browser by clicking on the magazine – it will open inside your browser
b. Install the Zinio app on your phone or tablet and login with your Zinio account details to read the magazines on your portable device.

ALWAYS browse and select magazines through your browser – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. not through an app on your phone or tablet.
On subsequent visits to the emagazines just enter your email address and the Zinio password you chose – no need to put in your library card number again.

Purchaser beware!

One of my favourite magazines, Delicious, is not available through the library collection so I looked to purchase it online.
I had downloaded the free app with the option of subscribing from within the app when I decided to check out the option for subscribing from Zinio. Results - In app purchase $24.99 for 6 months, Zinio purchase $19.99 for 6 month - buyer beware!

What options do you find most useful for reading your favourite magazines? Check out your local libray to see if they have an online collection of emagazines for you to browse and borrow.

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