Monday 31 March 2014

Can you find it again?

I'll send you that link!

Have you ever been talking to someone who promised to send you a great link but now they can't find it? My guess is they didn't know how to use bookmarks effectively and probably did not know where to look for their web history.

Bookmarks and Favourites

These terms are interchangeable when used in reference to a web browser. 
Below are a series of screenshots showing you how to add to, edit and use your bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Chrome for desktop and tablets and Safari for iDevices.

If you prefer to use an online bookmarking service I recommend Diigo, but do investigate Delicious and Google bookmarks. Online services like these allow you to add tags, so that the search function finds and groups by the tags you have used. Their biggest advantage is that they can be viewed on any platform and are independent of learning the quirks of a particular browser's peculiarities. When one upgrades to a new computer or mobile device those bookmarks are all still there, not lost in the collapse of old hardware.

I have used Diigo for long term storage and tagging of bookmarks for several years and Chrome provides quick access to the sites I need daily.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Adding to the gadget collection

The Wireless Flash Drive

Here's my newly unpacked wireless flash drive with it's accompanying instruction brochure.

At last a device that enables easy transfer of files from any mobile device to the flash drive, to a computer, to another mobile device without the need for cloud storage or internet connectivity. How you ask? It has it's own built in wireless network enabled on your other devices through apps or a web browser.

What a boon this will be for travellers enabling the transfer of all those photos from smartphones to this 64GB (32 or 16 also available) drive without having to be concerned about provider network limits, speed of uploads or limited WiFi connectivity in remote areas.  A backup solution for while one is on the road.

No need to fill up your mobile device with large files, particularly video files. Perhaps now you can buy that new tablet or phone with less storage at a lower price and use this drive for the extra capacity.

After the initial charging of the device, which is done by plugging in to a standard USB charger, I was pleased to be able to connect my iPad, 1st generation Samsung smartphone and computer by having them all on the same wireless network which is provided by this small device. Files can be added to and downloaded from the drive. 
No financial gain was sought or given to me by my independent review of this device. More information available from the SanDisk site.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Tech Help 3

This is part 3 of an on-going series of sessions designed to help those who seek assistance in the Noosaville Library.

Google search

Here's a reminder of some simple tips. There is extensive help available from Google on the Inside Search site.
  1. "exact phrase" enclose your words to refine your search
  2. Use the - minus sign to exclude an unwanted term
  3. Use the Search Tools drop down to refine by date, time and more, investigate all the options
  4. time place | London time
  5. weather town | Noosa weather
  6. author books | Alex Miller books
  7. flight number | QF6
  8. set timer | set timer 3 minutes
  9. define word | define verisimilitude Notice the icon for speaker, gives pronunciation
  10. aud to euro | gives you today's conversion value
View the slideshow below to see examples and for a short (3.41) video An introduction to blogging.

Sunday 9 March 2014

It is very tempting but do you want wet feet?

There has been a lot of hype around the Getty announcement re using its images on blogs and websites for noncommercial purposes, but Judy G. Russell at The Legal Genealogist advises us to read the Terms of Service first. You may well be surprised at the issues she uncovers. I recommend you read her comprehensive post Getty images: not quite free to use .

Thursday 6 March 2014

Quick access to your favourite website

Create an icon/app shortcut on your home screen or desktop

Easy to do when you know how! A friend asked me how she could have quick, one tap access to a frequently used website on a Samsung tablet and I realised there were probably other folks who would like to do this too. So here's some screenshots annotated with Skitch to show you how to create a shortcut to a website on your tablet and on your computer.

On an Android

You may need to update your Chrome app to make the Add to homescreen option appear in your drop down menu. If this method does not work on your Android device here's another way to do it courtesy of AndroidPIT

On an iPad

On older iPads that cannot update to the latest iOS, the option is found in the Send to menu where the choices are bookmark, email or add to homescreen.

On your computer

If you are looking for some other tools to create and annotate the screenshots like the ones above there's a great summary of useful tools here on Free Technology for Teachers.

On the iPad I have a shortcut to my local library, to my blogs and the TV guide. What are your favourite shortcuts?

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Tech Help 2 - Calendars and Apps

Avatar made with Build your wild self

Let's learn together

Today 14 people attended the second Tech Help session at Noosaville Library.
Devices ranged from up to the minute laptops and tablets of 5 different varieties along with a smattering of phones of various vintages.
Order of the day -
switch it on
find the Settings to switch on wifi
find the browser
login via the library website and choose Proceed

Main topics introduced

Calendars: adding events, creating repeating events, adding another calendar, sharing
Apps: how to find and download The Noosa app, Quixey search suggestions for apps, free apps
A password strategy

Some individual issues resolved

  • Facebook - changing between personal and business page, looking at settings
  • Where are my apps? What to do when apps are spread over a number of screens
  • Downloading a library book via Overdrive app
  • Getting started with an Android tablet
  • Getting started with an ipad
  • How do I get my photos off my phone?

I certainly had fun and am reasonably confident many will be back for more sessions as we laugh and share and learn together. Thanks to Rebecca, Tim and Stephanie whose help is invaluable.

Favourite quote from the day -"I went home after getting the tablet and asked my son where should I go to find the App Store?"  We enjoyed this gents' ability to have a laugh and share his story with us.

One should never be embarrassed to ask questions, I always say there is never a 'dumb' question, it is just a question that hasn't been answered for us.

Seven reasons to use Google calendar
Google Calendar help

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