Friday 1 April 2011

Recipe for inspiration - Pecha Kucha style

1. Research finished, mandatory document and Powerpoint completed for assessment, disinterested students.
2. Introduce one Pecha Kucha 5 slide presentation, 20 seconds on each slide to explain the process.
3. Set challenge - who can revisit finished work and repackage their content?
4. Result - motivated students, buzz of discussion and endeavour.

Here's my very simple presentation explaining the process. This was enough to set the class buzzing. I look forward to their presentations next week.

Pecha Kucha

Slide 1: Pecha Kucha (pe-chak-cha) refers to the Japanese sound for chit chat. It is used to describe a method of presenting a talk with uncluttered images and limited timings. This helps the audience concentrate on the speaker, with each slide appearing on the screen for only 20 seconds.

Slide 2: Slides are usually images only and their automatic progression after 20 seconds allows the presenter to fly smoothly through their talk rather than be entangled in a web of words appearing on the screen. The audience is relieved of the need to read the text. The image selected should reinforce the message.

Slide 3: It is important to get to the point, focus on facts and delivery, only what is important. The audience should not be distracted with transitions and effects unless they add to the message being delivered.. Text on screen is kept to 5 words or less. Original Pecha Kucha presentations use images only.

Slide 4: When done well, your classes and teachers will never be bored by presentations again. Creative Commons images must be used and image sources acknowledged on the last slide. Good places to start searching for high quality images are the advanced search options in either Flickr or Google.

Slide 5: Let's give it a spin and see if you can present your research via the Pecha Kucha method. Remember, you have only 5 slides and 20 seconds for each slide. Choose content then some inspiring images and wow the class next week. Are you ready for the challenge?

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