Sunday 10 March 2013

Quick and easy ebooks via Readlists


The Readlists site provides a quick and easy method for preparing an ebook from web articles for offline reading.

  • Login to Readlists and simply add the URL of each of the articles you wish to compile into an ebook. 
  • Add a title and description and you are ready to download the ebook directly to your device or embed on your website or blog.
  • The Readlists can also be publicly shared enabling multiple editors to add to or amend any individual list. 
  • The range of export options makes this a very useful tool for all platforms.


Simple online instructions guide the user through the Send to Kindle option.The contents page displays the title of each article allowing the user to move quickly to the desired reading. Individual articles which incorporate images are reproduced in full. The normal Kindle functions of increasing text size, creating notes, finding definitions and following links are all enabled.


The ePub version presents in full colour and with full functionality but disturbingly displays the Readlist compiler at the top of each page as if they were the author. Full links are still provided to the individual articles but individual authors are not listed as they appear in the original Readlist.

Readlists are a great method for sharing a range of links for reading on any device.

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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016 Readlists closed in July 2016

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