Friday 21 June 2013

Gmail and images

Image size in Gmail

 Modern cameras and phones are capable of producing high resolution images which result in large file sizes. Images attached to gmail retain their original size. Whilst gmail generously allow attachments up to 5 mb this is a burden for the both the sender and receiver and can quickly use up one's allocated storage quota.

Inserting images into the body of the message instead of sending an image as an attachment, provides a quick method for reducing the image size.

1. Click the "Compose Mail" button or reply.
2. Locate the image you want to include from your computer. 
3. Drag the image and drop it into the body of your Gmail message window. You must add the image to the message body; if you use attach file, you will not be able to reduce the image size.
4. Click the image in the email message body to select it. Underneath the image you get to choose small, medium, large or original.
Now where was that huge image I needed to send?


  1. Thanks for this hint. As I don't have a smartphone, I use the free version of Dropbox to share large images.

    1. So many ways now to share large images, love the ability in Dropbox and Google Drive to share whole folders with family for shared photos and family history documents too.


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