Thursday 23 January 2014

The Tailor's Girl

The Tailor's Girl by Fiona McIntoshThe Tailor’s Girl by Fiona MacIntosh

This is another delightful historical story from the author of The French Promise and Fields of Lavender. This book could probably be best described as an historical romance with the wounded soldier and his wife as the central characters. The horrors of war and attendant memory loss are as central to this story as is the womens’ movement for equal rights.

The Tailor’s Girl of the title is Edie the daughter of a Jewish tailor based in London. Her desire to lead a life as an independent woman, more than wife and mother, provides an ongoing focus when the hero Tom changes direction through an accident that is no fault of his own.

The challenges for returned soldiers and women post war are addressed with a wonderful tour through the streets of London, life in the English countryside, lots of detail about the fashions of the time and an interesting look into that very male bastion of the times, Savile Row.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, the somewhat convenient ending was rather contrived, but having said that, it was an enjoyable read with an ending that suggests 'love conquers all'.

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