Thursday 11 September 2014

Pictures all in a row

Line them up

Are you sometimes frustrated when inserting pictures into your Blogger blog?
Do you have difficulty getting them to display horizontally?
There is no gallery function similar to that in Wordpress so one often resorts to having images one under the other and centred. I have previously resorted to using photo software to combine images then uploading as a single image.

This week I've found some easy instructions to load images into a table with no borders.
I've saved the instructions from How to line up pictures horizontally into a blank unpublished page on Blogger. I also added a screen clipping of the instructions to that page. Now when I want to line up some images, I have the code to copy and proceed.
  • Copy the code to a new post, it will create a blank table with three cells.
  • Upload the individual images and post to the page, below or above the inserted table.
  • Resize to small and use Properties to rename images.
  • Use the HTML editor to copy all the information for each image found between the <a href> and < /a> tags from the images and replace that information in the table data for each previously blank image.
  • Save and check the Compose page to see that images have been replicated within the table. 
  • Delete the original images posted on the page, save and preview. It may be necessary to adjust the size of the pictures in the code to get the best result.
The three images above were made with some my favourite tools for creating original blog pictures.
  • The Library Currants picture was made in Notegraphy (web, iOS and Android)
  • The globe was created in Sumopaint (web and iOS)
  • The brick wall HTML sign was generated in Wordswag (iOS)


  1. Makes me think of Bluebells and cockle shells. Guess who is off to explore Notegraphy and Sumopaint?
    Thanks for the guidance.

  2. And pretty girls all in a row.... so many free tools, so much choice! Be sure to try the symmetry tool about half way down the tool bar in Sumopaint, such fun.


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