Wednesday 11 February 2015

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iPhone classes - Noosa Library Service

Noosaville Library - Feb 11th, 18th, 25th
Cooroy Library - Mar 4th, 11th, 18th

Puzzled by the features of your iphone? This series of 3 classes is designed to help you get the best from your device. The slides are reminders of material covered/to be covered.
It is recommended that you download the iPhone user's guide available free in iBooks.
If you have attended the class please feel free to post your questions in the Comments at the end.

1. Beginners’ guide to smartphones
2. iBooks Download the iphone User Guide.
3. Grovo iphone tips and tricks Scroll down to see the video titles. These are excellent and all are less than 2 mins long.
4. SnapGuides for iphones Scroll through the pages.
5. YouTube has hundreds of videos to help you get the best from your phone.
6. EverythingIcafe guides
7.  iOS8 25 tips

Request zone from class

Add your questions to the comments below.

How to block a nuisance caller
Learn how to use iCloud
Apple ID support Use this link if you have forgotten details of your Apple ID
iPhone support by Apple. Online webpages covering frequently asked questions
WikiHow 3 ways to print photos from your iPhone
Connecting to WiFi
WikiHow How to create an Apple ID on an iphone
Manage an ipad and iphone on the same Apple ID
How to log out of the Facebook app. Log out of other apps by finding the settings or account details within the app, this will either be three lines close together or a gear type icon.
iCloud support

Useful apps mentioned Weeks 1-3

Tips Pro $1.29 from App Store
Simple Transfer Pro $3.29
Put airline passes and cards into Passbook (app already on your phone)
ABC iView
ABC Radio
SBS OnDemand
TuneIn Radio
Google Another option for search by voice, in addition to the Siri searches
The Noosa app
Telstra 24 x 7

Photo apps

Go to App Store - Select Categories, Scroll to Photography. There are many to choos frm,download and play with some free ones.
See slides on Digital Photo management for screenshots
Some of my favourites
Have fun!

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