Thursday 2 April 2015

Sharing the goods

Canberra - City Walk

At the AFFHO Congress 2015 held recently in Canberra a lot of information was shared in sessions and through social media. Subsequently I have added a wide range of people and organisations to my social networks. Here's a few I've recently followed on Twitter. To see more view my profile @crgalvin To get an excellent overview of Australian libraries, museums and archives on Twitter view the range followed by the National Library of Australia and those followed by Trove .


I love a new book to read and the titles shared below are just a few mentioned during sessions I attended. As I read the rest of the Congress papers supplied on a nifty USB, no doubt there will be plenty more titles to read and recommend.

The labour of loss by Joy Damousi
Broken Nation: Australians in the great war by Joan Beaumount
The invisible history of the human race by Christine  Keneally
Help! Historical and genealogical truth by Carol Baxter
In darkest England and the way out by William Booth
Farewell my children by Richard E. Reid
Single and Free: Female migration to Australia 1833 - 1837 by Elizabeth Rushen
Fair Game Australia's first immigrant women by Elizabeth Rushen and Perry McIntyre
Forensic genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick

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  1. So many little time. You have a new follower on Twitter Carmel - me!

    1. Thanks Alex, I'm following you too, :)) Lovely to meet at Congress.

  2. Pleased to say I've read some of these and downloaded others. Richard's Farewell my People is a must read for anyone with Irish ancestry. It was great to meet in person Carmel.

    1. I've almost finished Farewell my Children and am finding the Carol Baxter Help! is really useful for a relative beginner like me. It was great to meet you too and so many others, that certainly is one of the benefits of a "real" as opposed to a virtual gathering.


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