Thursday 24 September 2015

Update or be outdated

Screenshot of updates in App store - text added in WordSwag

Updateitis or appaddiction 

I think I have both. Each day lately new updates arrive.
 - Windows 10 with dribbles of fixes
 - iOS 9 merely days ago is already iOS 9.0.1
 - Android 5.1.1

Ouch, I obviously have too many apps across a variety of platforms. Yesterday my ipad indicated there were 43 apps to update.
Google pushed all new versions of its 11 apps to the Android phone and now on opening the Play store there are 5 more waiting to be updated.

App and program developers keep us moving on too. Evernote has a new web interface, so does Ancestry. Dropbox has added some features, Facebook is forever changing its layout and settings. September has been an unusually busy month for updates.

Okay, so what is outdated? I've had a trawl through the apps on my devices and deleted those rarely used. Sometimes it is easier to just use the web interface rather than a specific app.
  • For Facebook I always prefer the web version so goodbye to all those apps. 
  • Diigo is great for bookmarking, but a separate app, no thanks, I've got the bookmarklet installed. 
  • Pinterest annoys me with its insistence on updating the app every three weeks. Give us a break please, I'll only be using you on the laptop from now on.

How many document scanners does one really need? Scanner Pro, Text scanner, Scanner+ CamScanner and Evernote Scannable. What about note apps? Evernote will stay but 2Do, Metamoji - - can't even remember its original name, and some others have gone. How many calendar apps have you tried, yes, I deleted 3! Whew, feeling better already. Then there's the range of web browsers, the photo editing apps and the image makers like the one below. How's your updating progressing?

Just couldn't get rid of this old favourite  - Wordfoto.

Screenshot of ipad keyboard, words added in Wordfoto
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