Sunday 29 November 2015

Tidying up Evernote tags

 If you have been using Evernote for any period of time it is possible that you have "ghost tags" in your database. These are tags that are not used by any of your notes. They may have been created for notes that you have now deleted or they may have come from a shared notebook which you no longer access.

Here's a quick method to clean up your tags. Open the desktop version of Evernote on your PC or Mac and scroll to the bottom of the side bar to select tags to view. All the tags you have used will be displayed along with the number of times that tag has been used.

Use CTRL or CMD to select all the tags with (0) next to them. These are the unused tags.

Simply right click and select Delete. Goodbye ghost tags.

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  1. Thanks Carmel, nice to do some technology housework. I did it on my IPad. As the number of notes did not show they needed to be sorted by count and then could be deleted by tapping. Fran.

    1. That's a good tip. I hadn't thought to explore how it could be done on the ipad. Thanks.

  2. Done - thanks for reminder. A few typos fixed at the same time.

    1. Yes, I had various typos too, correcting them has improved my search by tag.


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