Monday 1 April 2019

Genealogy blogs A-Z challenge

Each year the A to Z challenge provides an opportunity for bloggers to choose a theme and post using the letters of the alphabet during April. There are over 550 bloggers participating. Below is a list of those who have indicated that their theme is Genealogy focussed.  

This is my third year of participating, once on this blog and now for a second time on my family history blog. My focus this year is on digitising my mother's recipe collection to preserve her handwriting and pass on some of her favourite recipes.

Anne's Family History
The Old Trunk in the Attic
Cheryl Hunnisett
Finding Eliza
Nanniemarcy Family History Stories
Genealogy Blog: A blog about genealogy in Denmark
Family Wise Limited
The Genealogy Show
Virginia Allain
Pressing M
Jollett Etc
A Home for the Family Tree
Earlier years
The Past Whispers
Family history across the seas
The Keough Corner

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  1. Thanks for the summary of genealogy blogs Carmel, I look forward to the recipes :)

    1. I’m in awe at the depth of your research displayed on your blog and your ability to join this challemge each year with a new focus. Mum’s recipes reflect a limited budget and country baking with lots of cakes and biscuits, but each ‘byte’ adds to the family history. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Thanks Carmel. Most useful.


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