Tuesday 25 August 2020

Create an anchor or bookmark in a Blogger post

Individual words or headings in Blogger can now have bookmarks or anchors within a post. Use this feature for long posts to direct a reader to a particular section of a post, to provide an internal link within the page.

Highlight the word or phrase then select Create/edit anchor

Create anchor

Name the anchor in the dialogue box. You may wish to name it the same as the word/s you have highlighted.

The second step involves creating the link back to the anchor. This link will be 
the URL of your post ending with #name-of-the-anchor. 

These anchor links, or as I referred to them - bookmarks, are only active once a post is published. Use the link below to return to the top of this post. The link for the text Back to top 
https://www.carmelgalvin.info/2020/08/create-anchor-or-bookmark-in-blogger.html/#top because I named the anchor text Top of post #top

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  1. Congratulations! Your blog has been included in INTERESTING Blogs in Friday Fossicking at

    Thank you, Carmel, not just for this, but all the hints and help you share, Chris


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