Sunday 15 August 2021

Three simple ways to make Family Photo collages

made in Canva

It's August 2021 and many in Australia are in lockdown to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of coronavirus. It is also National Family History Month here, an excellent time to work on some of those unfinished projects.

Shauna Hicks on Diary of an Australian Genealogist mentioned a photo collage she recently made and this sparked the idea for this blog post, an activity to undertake during NFHM. 

Whether you have endless family photos or just a few, a collage is a quick visual method to generate some extra family interest. Here are three simple methods to assemble a collage whether they be all photos, a combination of photos and document images, or photos of heirlooms. Many of the mobile photo collage apps add a watermark or branding unless you pay or subscribe. These are 3 free options.


There are several online options on sites such as BeFunky and PicMonkey but Canva with an excellent range of free Photo Collage templates tops the list of those available.

From the Canva home page  simply search for photo collage. I prefer to choose from the more menu so that the free ones in each category appear as shown below.

Canva photo collage

Select a Free template then use the Uploads button on the left to upload your photos. Each uploaded photo can then just be dropped onto the template where it will replace the existing photo. Edit any text or click on any photo to adjust or remove it.

These collages are set at 25 x 20 cm. If you wish to make a larger or smaller size, choose Custom Size from the home page and add the desired dimensions. 

Add and resize the photos until the desired effect is achieved. Add some text and decorative elements by choosing these features from the left side panel.

Download choices include png, jpg or pdf print for a high-quality document.


If you have PowerPoint already on your computer it is simple enough to assemble a photo collage. If not, use the free online version.
In a new blank document choose the Design tab>Slide size

Slide size ppt

On a blank slide, insert photos, and crop to shape to add some interest.
Add appropriate icons and text boxes.
Format the background with another image, colour or pattern.
Export as pdf or image - png or jpg

Trip to central Australia - A4 collage created in PowerPoint

Google Drive

There are two options within Google Drive to use.
Slides is the Google alternative to PowerPoint.
Choose Slides>New
From the File menu scroll down to choose Page Setup
Set your desired dimensions and proceed as above.
Individual pages can be downloaded as either jpg or png.

The other alternative in Google Drive is to use Drawings with a blank canvas. In a similar manner use Page Setup to determine the size of your finished collage. Add pictures, shapes text boxes and more. Similar download options are provided or the completed canvas can be published to the web and then easily embedded in a website or blog.

Here's a collage of four generations of family weddings.

Compiled in Google Drawings

Why not compile some family photo collages this family history month?

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    1. You need no tips given the photo collection displayed on your Istanbul post, but thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Carmel - thanks for this. These will come in very useful indeed for family reunions or special celebrations. Thank you.

  3. This is great Carmel. I'm a very basic user of Canva and have never taken the time to browse around the site. I can now see collages being used on many of my posts. Another great tech lesson.

  4. I always learn something new from you Carmel. Although I use Canva regularly I had never explored the photo collages. Thank you once again for enlightening me.

  5. Thanks for commenting Alex, Jennifer and Jill, I am enjoying all of your posts in this challenge.


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