Monday 6 February 2023

Storytime 2023

Books read to Jan 1 - Feb 5

The hot summer weather lends itself to lazy days and time to read.
Here's a selection I have enjoyed this year.

If you enjoy stories set in Australia I seem to have read quite a few of these in the last month.
  • The Orphans by Fiona McIntosh  - Port Adelaide, Farina, shearers, undertakers and morticians, struggle for female recognition
  • Exiles by Jane Harper - South Australian wine country, crime fiction, country towns
  • Outback by Patricia Wolf - Crime, Tourism, Drugs, detectives
  • Mackenzie Crossing by Kaye Dobbie - 2 eras in the Australian alps, 1939 Black Friday bushfires, 1997 search for lost family details and romance
  • The Cedar Tree by Nicole Alexander - station life, family feud
  • Keeping up appearances by Tricia Stringer - SA country life, small town setting, women and their interactions and relationships
  • Burnt Out by Victoria Brookman - Blue Mountains, bushfires, capitalism, media
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  1. Thanks Carmel. Great for those of us finding it difficult to keep up with the titles.


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