Sunday 6 March 2011


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Make a date for staff support 
Education institutions issuing iPads to staff need to hold some general information update sessions to ensure that staff are keeping up to date, and have mastered some time saving shortcuts. It is also a good opportunity for staff to exchange information about apps used, effective teaching practices and organisational tips.

Some essential reminders:
  1. Sync to a computer to back up the contents of your iPad to iTunes
  2. Update the iOS for improved functionality, many apps have now been upgraded
  3. Take the time to learn simple keyboard shortcuts and hidden keys
  4. Download an iPad guide to increase your understanding.
  5. Ask questions of your fellow learners, staff and students.
Keyboard - hidden characters
To access an extra range of keys, simply hold down a key and slide your finger to the required symbol, accented letter or suffix. Some of these are shown below.

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