Monday 24 February 2014

A new venture

Many seniors who did not have the opportunity of using computers through their working careers now find themselves in need of ongoing support. This week saw the beginning of a new Tech Help session run by volunteers in Noosaville Library. We will be available from 2 pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month to assist with tablets, phones, computers and ereaders. These are bring your own device sessions designed to have users comfortable with the functions they need. Group sessions provide the opportunity to learn from others and hear about ideas for using a wide variety of devices.

I will present a short tutorial of 10 minutes at the beginning of each session simply to raise awareness of how- to-do and shortcuts available on a variety of devices. I will also address search techniques to enhance results.  Presentations will be tailored to group needs as they develop over time. This week we covered some basic keyboard shortcuts, screenshots and screen clipping techniques. 

Use the forward arrow to view the slides above. Each week material covered will be posted here for further reference. I'm looking forward to helping as many people as possible.


  1. What a fortunate community to have someone with your skills and experience to guide them.

    1. Thanks Jill, it is a small contribution compared to all the things I see you doing across the genealogy world, mustn't let the brain atrophy!


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