Friday 28 February 2014

Adding citations to images

Since starting my family research I've investigated a variety of methods of adding citations to images that I save or have clipped from online sources. A suitable tool must be easy to use and allow me to add citation information that will stay with the image without actually writing over it.
It must also encompass a complete process so that the image is ready to be added to my database without further alteration.

Whilst Awesome Screenshot and Skitch are both great tools, I find Jing, the free program from Tech Smith more suitable for my needs in this instance. Here is a quick screencast of how I use it to save and annotate newspaper cuttings from Trove.

How do you add citations to your images?


  1. For Trove I use the save as .pdf option which includes a citation typed on the top of the page. Thanks for the info abiut Jing that I will certainly investigate.

  2. The pdf function is very useful for longer texts, but if I just have a death or funeral notice I'd rather have it by itself than on a page with a lot of notices. Since I wrote this post I've been doing much the same thing with Snagit which is the browser extension for Chrome from Tech Smith, it saves the files to Google Drive. Still thinking about which is better. :)


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