Tuesday 15 April 2014

Debunk it!

Tech help 5

Information at our fingertips, what a luxury we have at our disposal. Unfortunately, as we all well know, there are those who seek to take advantage of us on the internet. Just this week, two of the three email addresses in our household have been the target of a  phishing attack that our separate email providers did not detect as spam. This email sought to convince us that it was a receipt for an online purchase.

  • Yes - we do often purchase goods online and the amount was not unreasonable enough to cause a panic.
  • No - neither of us had made a purchase for that amount. 
  • Yes - there was an attachment which would have contained a virus, trojan or malware of some sort had it been opened. 

Be alert, be aware is our motto.

This help session points to some useful sites that assist in raising our digital awareness and a couple of sites useful for debunking those tips, often too good to be true, that manage to arrive via email.

Mentioned below:
Stay Smart Online
Internet basics
Scam Watch
Urban Legends

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