Wednesday 23 April 2014

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Organise those recipes

I've been steadily getting rid of all those scraps of paper saved from magazines that had a recipe I just could not resist. In the process I investigated a variety of ways of digitising those resources.
My process is quite simple.

  1. Use Evernote - create a notebook for recipes
  2. Scan those pieces of paper using the phone or tablet
  3. Add tags
  4. View cook book in Evernote food - not at all necessary as Evernote does such a good job, but the Evernote food app is visually pleasing.
The power of Evernote search is the winner for me, it even searches the text within the images of my handwritten recipes from years ago. Once I was set on this path I continued to add interesting recipes read through Feedly or clipped from the web via the Chrome extension Clearly. Once I had loaded the Web clipper extension and turned on related searches, any Google search now searched my Evernote notebooks too. 

The only problem left was all those recipes in my shelves of recipe books. Here Eat your books came into play. It indexes the recipes in your cook books, making it easy to find which cook book had that favourite recipe. You can add five books for free but need a subscription to add more.

I put this information into the presentation below for patrons of Noosa Library Services along with some other interesting food sites. The apps and sites I used are detailed in the slides.
Digitise your recipes and enjoy!


  1. What an inspirational post Carmel! Thanks so much for sharing this. Definitely something to add to my 'to do list'! Bev (@novanews19)

    1. Thanks,Bev. Once I got started it was great fun and getting rid of all that extraneous paper is such a bonus. Now I have actually looked at and weeded those outdated recipes. I find there is not the need for lots of tags as the search is very good. The more I use Evernote, the more useful it becomes.


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