Friday 16 May 2014

Travel tales: Prague

Prague: What a city of magnificent buildings! At every corner the vista changes and even though I have long admired the buildings of Paris for their timeless elegance, those of Prague outshine them in so many ways.

From medieval to Baroque, Romantic and Victorian, all those influences and many more can be spied in the architecture of Prague. The sheer number, size and variety of buildings viewed in even a single day has delighted me and no doubt many hundreds of thousands of other tourists through the years.

From Prague Castle and St Vitus cathedral with its magnificent windows sitting high above the city down to the Old town square, beautiful buildings abound. Never before have I snapped 70 photos in a day but the architectural delights of Prague I fear have spoiled me for other city adventures. My camera skills are limited but even I am delighted with many of my captures which will help enhance my memories of our visit here. I look forward to sorting, editing, saving and labelling at the conclusion of our journey.

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