Tuesday 30 December 2014

Lipstick for Christmas 1914

From Lipstick To Ammunition

Men who tried to buy their wives and sweethearts favourite lipstick for a Christmas present found that there was a great shortage of those little metal cases in which lipstick formerly came. And when they tried to buy powder compacts, the choice was limited, and those displayed looked a bit tired and shopworn.

The reason is that the lathes that turned out those metal containers are making ammunition now, and the metal from which they are made is also fighting the Japs

Like lots of other beauty aids, these are now limited to stocks on hand. Lipstick is still being made, but you have to use your old container.

1943 'From Lipstick To Ammunition.', Burra Record (SA : 1878 - 1954), 5 January, p. 4, viewed 9 December, 2014, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article36148352

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