Tuesday 9 December 2014


Voice interpretation

I've just watched the free Legacy webinar Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Recognition Software for Genealogists  and have been playing lately with voice searches using OK Google and Siri.
In all cases the voice recognition software needs to be trained to recognise one's voice and accent. The software improves with repeated use as it is trained to hear my voice.

This set me to wondering what Trove would reveal about voices.  Here's a lovely piece found in The  Burra Record of 1943. It made me reflect on how my voice influences other people's interaction with me.


There are number of Tones Possible to the Human Voice!
There's the softy voice, the lofty voice.
The crifty, crafty, crofty voice; 
The truly voice, the thrilly voice. 
The friendly voice and the silly voice. 
There's the sleepy voice, the weepy voice, 
The steady voice and the creepy voice. 
The bell-like voice and the hell like voice. 
The cheerful 'Well! Well! Well!' voice, 
There's the gentle voice, the parental voice. 
The 'Why haven't you paid your rental' voice, the right voice, the 'quite' voice, 
The 'What I say is right' voice 
There's the lazy voice, the hazy voice. 
The shrill voice and the crazy voice, 
The rough voice, the gruff voice. 
The 'Look at me, I'm tough' voice.
There's the smug voice, the mug voice, 
The whiskers in the jug voice; 
The hissing voice, the kissing voice, 
The wishing and the spitting voice. 
The carping voice, the rasping voice. 
The lisping voice and the gasping voice. 
There's the glowing voice, your own voice. 
The changing, telephoning voice; 
The gloomy voice, the boomy voice. 
The 'Prepare to meet your doomy' voice. 
Then there is the first voice new birth voice). 
The dearest sound on earth voice.

1943 'Voices.', Burra Record (SA : 1878 - 1954), 5 January, p. 4, viewed 9 December, 2014, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article36148339

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  1. The voice is such a powerful tool. I'm saving this poem that just seemed to resonate with me.


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