Tuesday 5 June 2012

Hyperlinking text

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MS Word - 2

It’s time to tidy up those long web addresses you’ve been adding to documents. Are you teaching your students to provide hyperlinked documents? That’s how we are reading nowadays, so let’s teach them to write that way too. A simple way to start is to use a common word processor.

In MS Word simply choose Insert - Hyperlink. Paste the hyperlink in the address field then fill the Text to display box. Add a Screen tip if you want to provide extra information about the link that the user will see when they hover over the hyperlink. If you leave the screen tip blank, it will display the embedded web address. 

This works in the suite of Office products so if you are using PowerPoint for a class task or assignment, have the students learn how to correctly embed links to sites they have used. PowerPoint is not the place for a full scale bibliography.

Use Insert hyperlink to tidy up links in spreadsheets and emails. Tidy up hyperlinks in documents before uploading to your LMS so that the students and parents view a cleanly formatted document.

Use Insert hyperlink to provide quick navigation through a lengthy document or provide a user with an embedded email address. Once a basic understanding is reached, time to venture into the world of online hyperlinked documents. Many students will already be able to do this, but let's be sure all members of our learning community have this basic skill.
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