Wednesday 6 June 2012

Searching everywhere

Tip of the day - 7

Add-ons for quick searching

Google is a useful search engine but there are times when an alternate search tool would serve you better.
Add a range of other Search Providers in IE and now you are one click away from searching the tool you need without having to go to that site first.

  1. IE 8 - Select the down arrow on the far right side of the top tool bar. (IE9 Select the gear icon and choose Tools)
  2. Choose Find More Providers Add your choices and select whether you want to have search suggestions turned on or off. 
  3. Choose Manage Search Providers to put them in your preferred display order.
Now when you click in the search bar, select the tool of your choice before entering your search term.

Inspiration for this post came from Chris Betcher, who tweeted a link to his excellent Searching Everywhere tutorial for Chrome. Thanks again Chris.


  1. You're welcome! Thanks for pointing out that multiple search engines have been available in both IE and FFox for a quite a while. Although I like the quick access of the Chrome method, in many ways the list method in IE/FF is more discoverable.

    1. I too like Chrome but unfortunately the default at work is IE hence my tips, targetted at all staff not just teaching staff, concentrate on Microsoft programs. Change comes slowly! :)

  2. Hi Carmel, I have nominated you for an Illuminating blogger award, have a look at my blogpost about it and check out the website for the awards at


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