Monday 4 June 2012

Renew and refresh those docs

Tip of the day - 5 

MS Word 1

Do you have old MS Word documents that need renewal? While you are busy editing the content, here’s a quick start method for updating your documents.

1. Open document, use CTRL–A to Select all
2. Choose the diagonal down arrow on the Change Styles icon.
3. Choose Clear Formatting 

4. Choose the File tab and Convert. This will provide access to all the Styles inbuilt in Word 2010.
Now you can go over your document and choose Headers, Subtitles, Strong and Emphasis as needed, using the Toolbar to select each element.

5. Choose a Style from the Change Styles button. You will see the changes displayed as you roll over the choices. 

6. Save as .docx Your file size will be smaller and the built in style elements enable easy building of Tables of Content for longer documents.

Need some MS Word help? Check with your IT folks to see if your school or organisation has an enterprise agreement that provides free access to Microsoft elearning courses. If not, there are plenty of free YouTube tutorials. Check these sites for free lessons too.
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