Tuesday 4 March 2014

Tech Help 2 - Calendars and Apps

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Let's learn together

Today 14 people attended the second Tech Help session at Noosaville Library.
Devices ranged from up to the minute laptops and tablets of 5 different varieties along with a smattering of phones of various vintages.
Order of the day -
switch it on
find the Settings to switch on wifi
find the browser
login via the library website and choose Proceed

Main topics introduced

Calendars: adding events, creating repeating events, adding another calendar, sharing
Apps: how to find and download The Noosa app, Quixey search suggestions for apps, free apps
A password strategy

Some individual issues resolved

  • Facebook - changing between personal and business page, looking at settings
  • Where are my apps? What to do when apps are spread over a number of screens
  • Downloading a library book via Overdrive app
  • Getting started with an Android tablet
  • Getting started with an ipad
  • How do I get my photos off my phone?

I certainly had fun and am reasonably confident many will be back for more sessions as we laugh and share and learn together. Thanks to Rebecca, Tim and Stephanie whose help is invaluable.

Favourite quote from the day -"I went home after getting the tablet and asked my son where should I go to find the App Store?"  We enjoyed this gents' ability to have a laugh and share his story with us.

One should never be embarrassed to ask questions, I always say there is never a 'dumb' question, it is just a question that hasn't been answered for us.

Seven reasons to use Google calendar
Google Calendar help

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