Tuesday 3 June 2014

Do you have a manual for that?

A new tech toy

So now you are the proud owner of a new tablet or phone. It looks like it should be easy enough to use and all your friends are coping with their devices but what happens when you are home alone and have no one to ask what to do next? You search the box it came in and only find minimal instructions; how to plug it in, switch it on, basic operations but little else. Help!

Time for a manual. Online manuals can be found for most devices and it is recommended that this is one of the first things you find and download to your device.

iOS - iPads, mini iPads, iPhones

Make sure you have iBooks installed on your device. Choose App Store icon on your device, search for iBooks and tap to download the free app.

Tap to open iBooks.
Select Store. In the search field type iPad guide
Select the suitable guide for your device, tap free to download it. Now it will open in your iBooks app and is ready for you to use at anytime. You do not need to be connected to the internet to read and use it once it is installed on your device. iPad mini users, just install the iPad User guide you do not need a separate guide.

Reading your guide

Android  - Samsung, HTC, Bauhn, Acer, many other brands

Search the web - Use brand name, model. Free guides and manuals

Search Google Play -Books on your device -usually need to pay for these, but can restrict search to Free.

Windows devices

Search the web for a manual by brand name and model.
Search the Windows app store for a User manual. If all else fails here is Getting started with Windows phone.

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