Monday 30 June 2014

Where's that degree sign?

Tutorials and tips for iPad and iPhone

Here's a choice from the wide range of sites offering help for iPad and iPhone users. These articles and tutorials range from those suitable for beginners to more advanced tips for users who may have missed one of dozens of hidden features built into iOS and its apps.

It is now four years since I first owned an iPad, but even as recently as three weeks ago I had not found the degree sign hiding above the zero on the keyboard. I hope you will have fun learning something new from one of the sites listed below.

  1. iOS guides Dozens of tutorials for iPhones and iPads very clearly presented.
  2. iPad basics A series of free tutorials for beginners.
  3. Navigating around your iPad Covers a range of gestures, swipes and button presses as well as detailing how to search your iPad.
  4. 8 tips and tricks for browsing with Safari All of Safari's useful features, this article includes clear screenshots.
  5. Every iOS trick you will need Lots of iOS tips and features often missed by beginners and seasoned users too.
  6. Tips poster Visual tips for highlighting text, saving images and other common functions.
  7. 101 iPad tips and tricks Divided into easy sections for you to learn a variety of functions to make better use of your iPad.

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