Tuesday 5 August 2014

Just note it!

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Tired of those scraps of paper around the house? Collect all your notes together so that they are easy to find and search.Your tablet or phone usually has a note or memo app installed. On iPads and iPhones it is just called Notes. On Samsung devices SNote is installed and on other Android devices you may have Google Keep or one of a dozen other note-taking apps.

My favourite note-taking app is Evernote and I use this on my phone, my laptop and my ipad. At a glance I can see and search for any notes I've made no matter which device I am using. By adding titles and tags to my notes that makes it even easier to locate my information. All good note apps have search built in so that any word within a note can be found.

Here's some ideas for things you may like to keep notes for, so that you always have them handy.
  • Shopping lists - with favourite brand names
  • Names, models and serial numbers of electrical appliances
  • Car/cat/dog or any other registration number
  • Size of room, space or cupboard
  • Recipes or lists of ingredients
  • Clothing and shoe sizes and brands for self and others
  • Optometrist
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Names of any prescription drugs you take
Out and about
  • Meeting notes
  • Titles of books to read
  • Music to acquire
  • Films to see
  • Places to go
  • Price comparisons of intended purchases
  • Travel notes
Some notes will be permanent and others ephemeral. Notes can be edited, altered, deleted to suit. Experiment with the note-taking app on your device to find the best way to use it to suit your needs.

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