Sunday 10 August 2014


Dear family historians and genealogists,

Humour and fun played a large part in my family upbringing. My mother was a word-lover and was quick with repartee and rejoinder. My brother continually did his best to outwit and out-word her often with hilarious results. The rest of the family did our best to disparage and better his offerings, meagre though our efforts were.

It is in this spirit of family fun that I offer you the inaugural, unofficial Troveictionary for National Family History Month 2014. #NFHM2014. Many of us who have sailed in the good ship Trove place great value on this free source of information from the National Library of Australia. The work of those who continue to support and grow this resource is appreciated. Thank you trovekers and troveors! (see below)

Your additions, corrections and suggestions for further edits are sought.
Trovefully yours,


retroveal n. information sourced from Trove
to trove v. to seek information in Trove
troveable adj. able to be found in Trove
trovearium n. nurturing environment for Trove products, home of the family API with progeny @TroveBot, @TroveNewsBot. queryPic, Trove traces with new family members regularly added. AskTrove is a new member of this family.
troveatorium n. houses working spaces for TimPaul and the trovekers
trovectionary n. sweet unexpected finds
trovee n. beneficiary of Trove information
trovefully adv.
troveia n. tidbits of information seemingly useless but great for pub nights or as conversation starters
troveial adj. (see troveia)
troveient adj. well suited for inclusion in Trove
troveite n. one addicted to Trove
troveitis n. addictive disease prone to strike late at night
troveker n. a data worker, manager, librarian within the troveatorium
trovel v. to dig around in Trove
troveller n. an information digger a.k.a. family historian
trovement n. repository for found information
troveor n. major contributor to Trove
trover n. seeker of information
trovesty n. misleading OCR errors

to be readers troveadour, trovester, Trovember


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