Saturday 2 August 2014

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In preparation for a session about Trove for Family History Month, #NFHM2014 I've been reviewing my activities, lists and more on Trove. Currently I have 10 lists related to different South Australian families who are of interest to me in the realm of family history. Some of these lists are public and some private. Lists are a great way of keeping track of the articles found. They can be sorted into date order providing a quick timeline overview of family events.

You can learn about creating and using lists via the very useful Help Centre on Trove.

South Australian Register
 (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), 26 May, p. 8,
Another list Mortuary Returns South Australia covers South Australian deaths from 1850 that came to the notice of the Police Department. They were Persons who died, or were found dead, in any Public Place in the Province of South Australia from 1850 onwards. This also covers deaths in the Adelaide Hospital, Lunatic and Destitute Asylum, and other Public Institutions and hospitals. Usually these persons had no known relatives within South Australia.
I add to this list as I correct the text in these notices in Trove. These returns often detail occupation as well as date and circumstances of deaths so could be very useful for genealogists and family historians.

Trove bots

I've also been having even more fun than usual with some of Trove's less well known treasures built by Tim Sherratt. I've been following  @TroveBot and @TroveNewsBot on Twitter and often text correct the articles that are tweeted by the news bot. For some time I've wondered what it would find for me. If you tweet @TroveNewsBot with a keyword, it will respond with its most relevant find. The Galvin vs Galvin court case does not refer to my husband's ancestors as far as I can determine, but given the double occurrence of my keyword, this was news bot's return tweet five minutes after my enquiry - see below.

The other bot @TroveBot is listed as: Tweeting the riches of Trove Australia. These bots are both powered by the Trove API. Thank you Tim and the Trove team.

Have fun during Family History month exploring all that Trove has to offer.

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