Thursday 6 March 2014

Quick access to your favourite website

Create an icon/app shortcut on your home screen or desktop

Easy to do when you know how! A friend asked me how she could have quick, one tap access to a frequently used website on a Samsung tablet and I realised there were probably other folks who would like to do this too. So here's some screenshots annotated with Skitch to show you how to create a shortcut to a website on your tablet and on your computer.

On an Android

You may need to update your Chrome app to make the Add to homescreen option appear in your drop down menu. If this method does not work on your Android device here's another way to do it courtesy of AndroidPIT

On an iPad

On older iPads that cannot update to the latest iOS, the option is found in the Send to menu where the choices are bookmark, email or add to homescreen.

On your computer

If you are looking for some other tools to create and annotate the screenshots like the ones above there's a great summary of useful tools here on Free Technology for Teachers.

On the iPad I have a shortcut to my local library, to my blogs and the TV guide. What are your favourite shortcuts?

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