Tuesday 25 March 2014

Adding to the gadget collection

The Wireless Flash Drive

Here's my newly unpacked wireless flash drive with it's accompanying instruction brochure.

At last a device that enables easy transfer of files from any mobile device to the flash drive, to a computer, to another mobile device without the need for cloud storage or internet connectivity. How you ask? It has it's own built in wireless network enabled on your other devices through apps or a web browser.

What a boon this will be for travellers enabling the transfer of all those photos from smartphones to this 64GB (32 or 16 also available) drive without having to be concerned about provider network limits, speed of uploads or limited WiFi connectivity in remote areas.  A backup solution for while one is on the road.

No need to fill up your mobile device with large files, particularly video files. Perhaps now you can buy that new tablet or phone with less storage at a lower price and use this drive for the extra capacity.

After the initial charging of the device, which is done by plugging in to a standard USB charger, I was pleased to be able to connect my iPad, 1st generation Samsung smartphone and computer by having them all on the same wireless network which is provided by this small device. Files can be added to and downloaded from the drive. 
No financial gain was sought or given to me by my independent review of this device. More information available from the SanDisk site.

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