Monday 31 March 2014

Can you find it again?

I'll send you that link!

Have you ever been talking to someone who promised to send you a great link but now they can't find it? My guess is they didn't know how to use bookmarks effectively and probably did not know where to look for their web history.

Bookmarks and Favourites

These terms are interchangeable when used in reference to a web browser. 
Below are a series of screenshots showing you how to add to, edit and use your bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Chrome for desktop and tablets and Safari for iDevices.

If you prefer to use an online bookmarking service I recommend Diigo, but do investigate Delicious and Google bookmarks. Online services like these allow you to add tags, so that the search function finds and groups by the tags you have used. Their biggest advantage is that they can be viewed on any platform and are independent of learning the quirks of a particular browser's peculiarities. When one upgrades to a new computer or mobile device those bookmarks are all still there, not lost in the collapse of old hardware.

I have used Diigo for long term storage and tagging of bookmarks for several years and Chrome provides quick access to the sites I need daily.

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