Tuesday 18 March 2014

Tech Help 3

This is part 3 of an on-going series of sessions designed to help those who seek assistance in the Noosaville Library.

Google search

Here's a reminder of some simple tips. There is extensive help available from Google on the Inside Search site.
  1. "exact phrase" enclose your words to refine your search
  2. Use the - minus sign to exclude an unwanted term
  3. Use the Search Tools drop down to refine by date, time and more, investigate all the options
  4. time place | London time
  5. weather town | Noosa weather
  6. author books | Alex Miller books
  7. flight number | QF6
  8. set timer | set timer 3 minutes
  9. define word | define verisimilitude Notice the icon for speaker, gives pronunciation
  10. aud to euro | gives you today's conversion value
View the slideshow below to see examples and for a short (3.41) video An introduction to blogging.

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