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County Record Offices and Archives - AJCP

Browsing County records in the M Series of the AJCP

Access to original historical records forms the basis of research for historians and genealogists. Through the AJCP we can visit some of the records of the various counties across the UK, free and from the comfort of our homes. 

Be sure to look for your County of interest in the M series Read the Guide for the County then browse the records to discover the gems within.

Here are some of the Counties that have records digitised in the AJCP and start with the letter C.

Cambridgeshire Record Office - Cambridge, Huntingdon


The description of the records filmed at the Cornwall County Record Office include:
"journals of voyages from Melbourne to America, Plymouth to Melbourne and Adelaide to Gravesend; correspondence and legal documents of families including the Victor Family, the Adams Family, the Carlyon Family; emigration lists; mining records; memoirs of Hannah Glasson and papers relating to the Bonython Family."

Some examples 

From the Diary of Capt. John T Short of St Ives comes this excerpt from a list of people who left the Parish of St Ives and emigrated to Australia in 1854. 

View the complete list at

The 35 page Memoirs of Mrs Hannah Glasson contains a wealth of material for the family historian not just for her descendants but also a picture of life in colonial America across a wide variety of American counties. 
It details a trip back to her parents' native Cornwall when she was 14 in 1859, then their voyage on the "Donald McKay" to Sydney. She wrote about her life in NSW, her subsequent marriage and life in New Zealand and NSW.

View the whole memoir at

How lucky are you if your ancestor was Richard Perry of Crowan? His journals kept on the steamship Northumberland  from Plymouth to Melbourne and Adelaide in 1873, and on the Lady Jocelyn from Adelaide to Gravesend  in 1876, are written in a beautifully clear hand and expressed in rhyming verse. Many pages include his signature, a precious find for the family historian.

All of the above are from just one County - Cornwall

A miscellany of examples of records in other Counties

Browse the M Series list for the wide variety of County and Archive Records, a rich source of material to add background and context to our family stories. 

Have you considered writing your life story and contributing it to a local archive for your future descendants?

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  1. Great idea about contributing a story to a local archive. I must figure out how to download my blog posts and get them into book-shape.

    1. I like the look of PixxiBook, have a friend who who is happy with Blog2Print and advises waiting until they have special offers. I've just copied and pasted some stories into a Word document and had them printed and bound at local Officeworks store.

  2. So much to explore! And yes, I’ve found Blog2Print to be easy to use.

  3. I'm learning - thank you Carmel. Now to find, Bucks, Dorset, Lancashire and Yorkshire

  4. I used Photobookclub to print a few copies of my A for Ancestry blog for family. It was very time consuming as I had to insert the writing and upload the photos but I was happy with the finished product.

  5. Wow! I had no idea. I must move AJCP further up my To Do List.

  6. I need to do more with this resource, thank you for sharing some of the depth


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