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Kent Archives Office - AJCP

The K selection in the M Series

Many of the County Archives or Record Offices hold collections of prisoners records and here the Kent Archives Office is no exception. 

The Maidstone Gaol records include a Calendar of Prisoners for Trial  at the Maidstone Assizes dated from 1837 - 1853 At the front of each session there is an an alphabetical list of prisoners.

From the records of each session one can view the Name and trade/occupation of prisoner, age, whether they could read and write, who committed the prisoner, the crime of which he/she was accused and the sentence imposed 

From this sample in 1841, James Collins was acquitted of receiving the two gowns, value 11s. His wife Mary had stolen these and she was committed to hard labour in the House of Corrections for 2 calendar months.
Patrick Connor however was transported for seven years for stealing two boots, value 20s., the property of Charles Bradford Baird at Chatham.

So your ancestor may not have been a prisoner but may be mentioned as a victim of crime.
But what did happen to those transported? 

Kent Archives also has a Convict book 1805 - 1833 which is a register of convicts, including many sentenced to transportation, giving names, where convicts were sent, and dates of removal.

These are just the first two of many records in the Kent Archives. 

The bulk of the collection is found in family files which include personal papers, diaries, family letters, business correspondence and many genealogical gems such as this 1847 Birth Certificate for  Thomas Winton of Lyndoch, South Australia.


If your Coxon family lived in Brisbane here's one of 8 photographs courtesy of the Kent Archives via the AJCP.


Visit the M series to investigate which Counties have archival records available now through the AJCP.

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  1. You have unearthed some amazing and tempting finds through this series. I can’t thank you enough...it’s been an excellent learning-to-be from this A2Z

    1. Thanks Pauleen, it has been very interesting for me to do. I have learnt a great deal along the way.


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