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Tracks and Turning pages - AJCP

Tracking and citing

Keeping track of your found documents ensure that you and other researchers may follow the path to view the original. Each Finding Aid in the AJCP contains this paragraph of advice.
Preferred Citation
Acknowledgement of use of this material should refer to the location of the original material and to the Australian Joint Copying Project.

Items from this collection should include references to the location of the original material and to the AJCP nla.obj number, which serves as the online identifier for the digital copy.

Example: M Series: Journal of Capt. James Cook, 18 February 1770, British Library Add. MS 27885 (AJCP ref:

Throughout this series I have added the direct link to all sources used within the AJCP. The Cite button on the left of every image has the direct link to that particular image.

Turning some pages in T

The Colonial Office records relating to Malay Straits Settlement are found listed in the M series under the letter T where they are listed as The National Archives (UK) Malay Straits Settlement. The collection contains a series of Government Gazettes. 
If you had an ancestor working in the settlement in this period they may well be found in these government gazettes. 

The General Index for each year provides an alphabetical list of appointments.

Here in 1892 the Government printer names and reports on the working habits of his staff.
extract from Selangor Government Gazette 1892

Towle Family

Diaries and journals of Edward Towle includes account of trip to Australia in 1852 aboard the Great Britain S.S., accounts of life in the goldfields of Creswick and Ballarat and death of his brother Ben.

Tyne and Wear Archives

Below are some pages from a pamphlet advocating for emigration from the Records of Guardians of the Poor, Newcastle upon Tyne Union 
cover of a pamphlet

Try some T's  - Tea party, Tea plantation, Trading company, and then some names Timothy, Thomas, Tait or Thornton to name but a few.

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