Monday 5 April 2021

Downloading Documents - AJCP

Decisions concerning downloads

So far in this series of posts we have just browsed for items of interest. Once found there are choices to be made when saving to one's own collection.

Here is the Probate of a will found in the Doncaster Archive. To see the extent of the file one would choose the green Browse this collection button. There are 6 pages displayed, not just the 2p. listed.

Browse, Cite and Download

Choices for downloading are PDF or JPG

For a multi-page document, check the box next to Select A Range Of Images To Download

Download options

There is no charge for downloading records. 

Keeping track of records

Each page/record/image has an individual URL. The breadcrumb trail shows exactly where one is within the collection.

The next post will examine the options for and limitations of searching for records rather than browsing.

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  1. Carmel - your blood is worth bottling. Thank you for these easy to follow instructions. I would be lost without your help.

  2. The internet has become so helpful for genealogy research over the past years. And downloading files is a boon for any researcher.
    D is for Death's Door

  3. I think there should be a book about the AJCP for Genealogy in your future Carmel.

    1. This is all your fault of course! You asked me to do that presentation and it sort of snowballed from there.

  4. I will be following all your tips up after A to Z. Like Alex said, you’re a legend!!

  5. I’m loving your posts Carmel. So much to learn here

  6. very informative



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