Monday 19 April 2021

Photographs - AJCP

Plan a photograph search

P for plans of railway workshops, power of attorney documents, posters, personal postcards and photographs just some of the records that can be found in the AJCP collections.

It is unlikely that your ancestor's photograph album appears here but think of their friends, neighbours and associates and those far flung surnames on your family tree.

Sarah Venneck's 1933 60 page photo album has names under many of the photos. Some photos are in England but if you had a relative who travelled to Australia on the P&O S.S. Majola you may find them in this album.
Sample page from the album

Photographs can be found in family collections and archives. This one is from an earlier era dated 1890 -1899 from the family papers of a Commander J Hamilton of Rozelle. It shows Winnie and Emma Ranken on the veranda at Saltrams. Imagine playing tennis in those dresses!

This 1932 photo from the Cambridge University Library collection can be found by a Gosse surname search.

Some other interesting albums

See inside the Bryant and May match making factory, it includes photos with notes on production. Production line photographs were popular, perhaps the Corset Factory photos may be of interest. 

The Thomas Laing photograph album has one hundred and sixty six photographs, identified, of Australia, New Zealand and family and friends in Australia and Britain, c.1929-1933. It is in the Strathclyde Regional Archives as is this photograph of three children of Robert Henry taken by Mathewson, Brisbane.

Search from the AJCP portal
  • photograph  11 246 results some of these results are not photographs but the search has simply found the word where permission to photograph has been sought
  • "album of photographs" 35 results
  • "photograph album" 89 results
Enjoy exploring some photos.
James family in the Papers of the Hayward family
Sons of Capt. John Eedy:
John Eedy; William Eedy (c. 1866); Peter Eedy (April 1872); Arthur M. Eedy; George Eedy

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  1. Photos help to give context even if they don't have your relative in them. I was very exciting to see the Bryant May photos. My Grandmother and great aunt worked in May and Bryant in Melbourne but my grandmother as forced to quit after being employed for only a week or two because the machines that she worked rotated in a circle which made her motion sick. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's great Sandra, what a coincidence that I stumbled across that album and even though blurry it does give a sense of what it would have been like to work there.

  2. Thank you again. Who knew AJCP was such a diverse treasure trove.

  3. STOP - there is just too much in the AJCP for me to handle.

    1. Ah ha, it is all your fault I started this! Lucky for us it is all there at no charge to explore at our leisure, no yearly subscription to renew.

  4. Great photographs. All photographs tell of their time and of the people who lived during whatever time is depicted. They keep alive the people who are long dead and, without words, they tell stories about those people. I truly love looking at old photographs.

  5. I love old photos, ! could get happily lost in this search for years!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Wren x

  6. Enjoy the photos Alice and Wren, thanks for dropping by.

  7. Yours and Jill's exchange made me giggle. Don't stop extolling the virtues of the AJCP Carmel. You are doing a marvelous job.


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