Friday 8 April 2016

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G is for Google

A-Z Challenge 2016: Apps in April

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Google has a wide range of free apps. If you already have a Gmail account you will be able to make best use of these apps, if not sign up for a free account.

Calendar Tap to add a single event or reminder, choose time and duration. Choose whether to repeat every day, week, month or year. Add notes and attachments, and choose when to be reminded.

Gmail Never lose all your emails or contacts again when you change locations or internet service providers. Organise by labels and colours. Google’s excellent voice enabled keyword search inside Gmail locates information and contacts quickly.

Drive and Docs Earlier post here where I forgot to mention the ability of Google to convert spoken word to text. Simply tap the microphone to speak and see your words typed into a Doc.

Slides Prepare and share presentations on the go.

Sheets View and edit spreadsheets.

Google Earth Travel the world from above. Visit faraway places, zone in on cultural institutions and walk the streets, travel the roads and scale the mountains.

Play Books Search and save to your library, thousands of free books as well as books for purchase. Search within books, have the book read to you. Add notes bookmarks and highlights, save these to Google Drive. Never be stuck again without anything to read. Family historians, search for names and places, I’ve located some interesting works written about early colonial times in Australia.

Hangouts Schedule a private video chat with friends or make an event and record the Hangout live, publish to YouTube for the public to view later.

Google Photos enable automatic upload on your mobile device. Edit and add titles and comments. Google automatically arranges by places and times. Use the assistant to organise your own albums. Albums or individual photos can be shared across a range of apps and sites. his is an excellent service for providing backup of all your photos.

Google Maps find places, directions navigate between two points. Determine estimated time of travel via foot, car or any available public transport. Explore services such as food and cinemas near places, save places to find later. Use street view to investigate a locale. Download maps and use offline. Contribute photos and business names to improve map details.

Google+ Choose who to follow, join communities of interest, explore collections of content. Promote your blog to followers. Some communities to follow to learn more Google Drive, Google Earth, Google Photos and Google Docs

Google Keep – Note taking tool. Add notes by voice or via camera. I find this one useful for shopping lists.

All of these apps are available for both iOS and Android and once signed in your data from any of these apps will be available on any platform you use. Add a new Google app to your collection.

Next up H - Handy tools

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  1. I do use some of these apps. What did we do before Google?? ;)
    Thanks for putting them all together..
    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

  2. Appreciating your efforts in putting all these at one place. Thank you.
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    Tale Of Two Tomatoes
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  3. Yes ,Google is 'everything and anything'

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

  4. Hadn't heard of the last one.. Google Keep

  5. G'day, I aGree. Google is Grouse.

  6. My fave new Google tool is the speech recognition which I use with Google Docs. I have ditched my old Dragon in favour of this app.

    1. Yes, its invaluable. I also use the the ability of Docs to OCR pdfs quite a bit.

  7. And, although it provides very stilted translations, I've found Google Translate most useful.

    1. Forgot to put a couple of others in too. I still have Google Goggles on my phone which scans picture or photo of place using camera and provides web information about the result.


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