Tuesday 19 April 2016

Poses and pins in the pocket

P is for Plenty

A-Z challenge – Apps in April

The problem is where to start with P.  A plethora of P apps have populated my iPad and phone so I cannot possibly pretend to present a proper peep at Periscope, Pages, PDF forms, Paper, Photospector, Photomapo or Phonto. Presently I’ve settled on these three peas out of the pod - Photofunia, Pixlr and Pocket. I’ll finish with a brief reference to Pinterest.


Add some fun to those selfies and portraits. Put yourself on a billboard, create a fake breaking news TV screen, view yourself on a rainy night poster reflecting in the city lights. Put a friend on a wanted poster or hang your picture in a gallery. These are just a few of the fun effects found in Photofunia.

I added the picture of a grandson to the side of a London double decker bus after a visit there much to his parents’ amusement.

Have some fun on iOS, Android or the web.


Pixlr - Photo Editor for Collages, Effects, Overlays, and Filters

An excellent free photo editor that claims to have over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters. Auto fix, recolour, add text, frames, stylise and draw on photos. There are hundreds of variations within each of these options. No two pictures need ever look the same. Finish off by adding an overlay to add extra excitement to photos.

Each change can be progressively undone as changes are not added to separate layers.
The Pixlr suite of products are available on iOS, Android and the web.



When you find something you want to read or view but don’t have the time, put it in Pocket. It will sync across phone, tablet and computer so you can save from anywhere and come back to it even when you are offline.
Customise the reading interface to suit you. I often use Pocket to save articles to read later then decide whether to keep them and send them  on to Evernote.

The app is free, you can upgrade for extra space and permanent storage but I find the freemium model is more than adequate for my needs.

Available for iOS, Android and as an extension for web browsers.



I couldn’t finish a post on P without mentioning Pinterest. To view and get the best out of Pinterest one does need a free account. Follow your interests and pin to keep track of them.
Available for iOS and Android

Here’s my Pinterest board on the A-Z of apps in April.

Follow Carmel's board Apps A-Z on Pinterest.

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  1. Two newbies for me - thanks Carmel. I just need some P for Playtime.

  2. I use photoshop but I think I will look at the pixlr for my grandson. For all I know he's already found it. He does a lot of designing of computer games. That is, he's teaching himself how to do it as he goes along :)

    Finding Eliza

    1. I was a photoshop user but with computer upgrade have not reloaded it as there are so many online programs that fulfill my needs now, Pixlr being just one of them. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I recently created a Pinterst account so I'm still learning how to get around. I like it because it seems very image oriented and the images offer lots of inspiration.

    1. Yes, lots of inspiration I try to balance that against the time I spend on Pinterest!


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