Thursday 21 April 2016

Read and remember

R is for Readability, Readly and Remembering Them

A-Z Challenge – Apps in April


Readability clears the clutter from web pages and lets you save them to read later. Inbuilt are font variations and sizes along with day or night viewing.
Build a list to read later. Articles can be shared with others.
Readability is similar to both Pocket and Instapaper. I suggest you try them all to find the one that suits you.
Available for iOS and Android. I like the Chrome extension as I can send articles to my Kindle.



Readly provides access to more than 1500 popular magazine titles. I do not usually recommend apps that involve subscriptions but if you are a magazine reader this one is worth taking for a free trial run. Choose your favourite genres and create a profile. A subscription can be shared with the family on up to five individual devices so each reader creates a profile for the magazines they like to read. Some of my favourites are the sewing, computing and travel magazines.
Magazines can be downloaded for offline reading. Visit the website to view the categories available or simply download the app for iOS or Android to have a look.


Remembering Them

On the 25th April each year, Anzac Day, Australia and New Zealand commemorate their wartime dead and all those who have served. This app has a comprehensive coverage of Australia’s wartime sites with concise histories about each site.
It covers Memorials, War Graves, Defence sites and Museums as well as honour rolls, RSL clubs along with customs, traditions and history.
The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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