Saturday 23 April 2016

Snap and substitute

S is for Snapseed, Superimpose and SanDisk

A-Z Challenge: Apps in April



Snapseed has become one of my favourite photo editing tools. It is embedded within the Google family of acquisitions so works well with Google photos and Drive. The promotional description lists the range of features.
Tune image • Enhance details • Crop • Rotate • Transform • Brush • Selective adjust • Healing • Vignette
Filters: • Lens Blur • Glamour glow • Tonal contrast • HDR-scape • Drama • Grunge • Grainy film • Vintage • Retrolux • Noir • Black & white • Frames

Available for iOS, Android and Chrome. The Snapseed channel on Youtube has a  comprehensive list of short videos to help get the best from this app.



Superimpose and juxtapose, blend and mix photos to create a unique image. Insert a background image then add a foreground. Use a wide range of tools and shapes to mask out the unwanted parts of the foreground image. 

Move, scale, resize or rotate as needed, then move it into position on the background image. Areas of the foreground image can be made transparent too.

Adjust the colours and tones of both images to match and then save the blended image. This app has sophisticated editing tools that previously I would have used in a photo editing suite on a desktop computer.

Available for iOS and Android. Go ahead put yourself at the top of that unclimbed mountain! Substitute the dog’s head for the cat’s. Have some fun with this app. 
Check out the video tutorials.


SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

Simply one of the best investments I made for mobile devices. This app connects my SanDisk wireless flash drive to any of my devices iOS or Android.

It lets me view and transfer files wirelessly between my and my husband’s devices using the local Wi-Fi installed on the USB. This means when travelling we can transfer photos to the flash drive so creating a local back-up without having to rely on hotel or other wi-fi networks to upload our captures to online services.

Files such as video, photos and documents stored on the flash drive can be viewed locally on any computer or device connected via the device’s  Wi-Fi.

Available for iOS and Android.

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  1. A wireless flash drive, eh? I might have to look into that.

    Stormy’s Sidekicks!

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  2. That's so useful for today's pics' editing to post them on social media. :)

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